Monday, 29 December 2008


My review of Steve Hamilton's first stand-alone, Night Work, has been posted at Crime Time, and you can find it here. Hamilton's Alex McKnight series was very good, and my interview with him about that series was published in my American Eye column at Shots, which you can find here.

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Robin Ramsay said...

This is not nearly as good as his northern peninsula series but it is striking for one reason: his leading figure, the probation officer, listens to the avant garde jazz of the late 1960s, and cites several classics of the genre by name, including Machine Gun by a large group led by the German saxophonist Peter Brotzman, from 1969 or 70. This must be a crime writing first! Any one curious about this music can find quite a bit of it, including a number of Brotzman clips, on youtube