Friday, 17 March 2017


I've written a piece for today's Jewish Chronicle about the recent success of the Israeli team at the World Baseball Classic (link to it here) and managed to use the David and Goliath analogy not once but twice. It's always nice to be able to mention Moe Berg; I recommend The Catcher Was A Spy by Nicholas Dawidoff for more of the story, including when Moe was sent to Switzerland to evaluate and if necessary kill Werner Heisenberg.

I was also surprised by the JC's use of 'Mr' on second reference; offhand, I'd say I've only seen that done by the New York Times, and it strikes me as quaint. Also, there's a slight ambiguity in the description of Babe Ruth, of all people. Perhaps my fault as I assumed even the JC's audience might be aware of Mr. Ruth's fame, but to be clear, he did not play for the New York Giants, he played for their cross-town (or cross-river) rivals the New York Yankees. 

And check out that nice Israel baseball cap....

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