Wednesday, 13 May 2009


There is a wonderful small exhibition at the National Gallery of Ireland, titled Vermeer, Fabritius, and De Hooch: Three Masterpieces from Delft. I got to see it Monday, and see for the first time, 'Lady Writing A Letter with her Maid', about which I wrote in one of my first posts to Irresistible Targets. It was a review of Matthew Hart's The Irish Game, which took as its starting point the two thefts of the painting before it found shelter at the National in Dublin. You can find the essay linked in the 'Bullseyes' list or by linking here.

Seeing 'Lady Writing' for the first time, as the centerpiece of this perfect little room of Dutch art, was a fantastic introduction, helping me see it in new ways, and also reinforcing the sense that, even in reproduction, it resonates. I've written an essay on the triptych exhibition; you can find it at Untitled: Perspectives, which you can also link to, here.

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