Saturday, 18 July 2009


I appeared on Saturday Review tonight, discussing the film Moon, the BBC TV series Desperate Romantics, Jez Butterworth's play Jerusalem, which stars Mark Rylance, Ewan Morrison's novel , Menage, and Charles LeDray's first British exhibition, Mens Suits, which is at the wonderful Old Fire Station on Chiltern Street. My fellow guests are the historian Tristram Hunt and the playwright Julia Pascal; the host is Tom Sutcliffe. If you missed it, it's available for one week on the BBC I player, to which you can link here, or go to and search it out. It may sound a bit like the Tom and Tris love-in; I was definitely there only to sing backup. So I may also write about one or two of these items, either here or on Untitled: Perspectives, but don't hold your breath, or close your ears.

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