Wednesday, 6 October 2010


I saw a quote from Lisa Pavin, wife of the US Ryder Cup losing captain, Corey, defending/promoting the role of golf WAGs (especially crucial to British fans who still moan about their running across the green to celebrate, when they were just getting revenge for all those fans stomping their feet on the aluminium stands during US putts at Valdarama).

She said 'golf is a very individual sport, so when you come home your wife is your best friend, your confidante, your lover, your sports psychologist. A wife plays a very big role in a golfer's life. I think a wife's as big a part of your team as your caddie'.

But a caddie doesn't get half your community property. Maybe Elin wasn't a good sports psychologist, though osmosis is not a generally recognised theraputic practice (see left).

Though this may explain why James Ellroy (follow this link) enjoyed caddying so much! Never thought I'd get to link Ellroy and the Tiger in one post....

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