Tuesday, 15 November 2011


Sometimes it really does seem like you couldn't invent this stuff...but while reading about Herman Cain's defenses of both his past as an employer of women and his present as a tabula resa in terms of Libya and other parts of the rest of the world, the opening line of The Band's 'The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down' ('Virgil Cain is my name/and I served on the Danville train') and the resentment which provides the emotional core of that song seemed to fit our current Tea Party world, that the rest of this just happened, as they say...so peace out

Herman Cain is my name
and I worked on the pizza chain
til Bachmann's insanity came
and tore up the prim'ry campaign
in the winter of 2011
I was trailin, barely made news at seven
Then came the babes with the stories to tell
It's a time I remember oh so well

The night I drove her forehead down
Liberal media grinnin
The night she claimed I felt around
Fox News pundits were spinnin
They went, gag gaga gag gaga
Gaga gag gag gaga gag gaga....

Back on the stump in Tennessee
Politico says to me
Herman quick come see
We've got the testimony
And one week later when it all came out
Said I don't know what you're talkin about
Don't remember that woman, not at all
And the settlement's somethin' else I don't recall

The night they drove the candidates down,
And it's just beginnin
The night they drove the candidates down
Why can't we do our own spinnin
Goin gag, gaga gaga gag
Gaga gag gag Gaga gaga gag

Out on the stump in Richmond town
Said 9-9-9'll bring your taxes down
Tea party they gave a frown
said it's just 666 upside down
Now it may be the devil who made me grope
But for tax policy there still must be hope
If I'm President, I'll make the country fine
And if I dont, at least I got mine

The night they drove them deeates down
The tea party was grinnin
The night they drove them candidates down
Cause Mitt Romney weren't winnin
They go, gag gaga gag gag
Gaga gaga gag gag gaga gag

Met with the papers in Milwaukee
And what did they say to me
Herman, do you agree
With Obama's take on Gaddafi?
Well, OK, so I answered slow
And I had to admit that I didn't know
WTF, it's only President,
Bush knew shit from Saddam and look where that all went...

The night they drove them deebates down
What was it they expected?
They night they drove them candidates down
Jes tryin to get elected
They went gag gaga gaga gag
Gaga gaga gag gag gaga gag

Like Rick Parry before me
I forget and smile
Unlike Mitt Romney longside of me
I'll hold a view for a while
Now I don't mind choppin Michelle
Santorum? Already gone to hell.
But if the voters notice what I lack
I'll say it could be worse, cause I could be Barack!

The night they drove them candidates down
Liberal pundits all grinnin
The night they drove us candidates down
Fox News says I'm winnin
they're all hah hahaha haha, haha haha hahahaha ha

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