Wednesday, 31 December 2014


It somehow seems appropriate that 2014 should end with the internet connection down at my house, and after four days of steady calling, testing, arguing, cajoling, and silently cursing, nothing appears to have been done about it.

Ithas been that kind of slow year for Irresistible Targets, and a difficult year for me on a personal level. The two circumstances are not unrelated. Partly because IT has to be relegated to a lower priority than writing (or other work) that might generate some income, but more because my attention and concentration on this writing, which usually gives me such pleasure, and generates some feedback which gives me even more, has been directed elsewhere, and not always in a positive sense, I have let the blogging slide.

So I find myself formulating essays and reviews, sending queries to the shrinking marketplace, and then never sitting down to write them up for you. I hope to get back on schedule, because if nothing else I need to keep the faculties and the typing fingers sharp,nbut the first month of 2015 looks to be very difficult indeed--including a move to a house at a location not yet determined--but I do hope that after that is done I can settle back into a writing mode that will allow me to share more things with you here. We shall see.

In the meantime, I wish you all a very Happy New Year, with the sincere hope that 2015 is a better year for all of us.


Ruzz said...

Mike - have a great New Year. Sorry to hear that 2014 has been less than great for you - I thought it had just been a bad year for me, but the number of reviews of the year saying "thank god it's over" seem to suggest otherwise. You mentioned earlier this year that the blog was frustrating you because of the lower feedback rate than other social media - and because of the need to take on paying work. I imagine that that's still true now. Those of us who follow your blog appreciate that it is a largely voluntary activity - we have no right to your unpaid labours - and it has to be prioritised accordingly. I hope that you still derive some value from having a place to try out thoughts and ideas, and to give profile to paid work that might otherwise not get the widest audience. In any event, have a great 2015 - thanks for the crime fiction recommendations - I hope the NFL playoffs prove a bit more entertaining than the rather meh season was (at least Suh's stamping was on the field - it feels like one of the few bits of NFL violence this year that was) - and may your blog long continue.

Paul Bailey said...

All the very best for 2015 Mike. I always enjoy the blog posts, and I'm very glad you continue to write here.

Mark Gill said...

Sorry to hear it's not been a good year Mike, but at least it's almost over. As a first time poster here, can I just say thanks for all your work on C4NFL, Americarnage, and your various blogs. It's always entertaining and enlightening to hear or read your opinions, thoughts and analysis, so thanks for the pleasure that continues to bring. All the best for 2015, here's to a great year!

Ade said...

I hope the move goes well and you have an enjoyable 2015. I just found this blog after reading your obituary of Donald Harington. I have enjoyed your television work for many years and I look forward to reading back through your archive.

Anonymous said...

All the best for 2015, Mike. Always enjoy your thoughts, be they here, on tele or radio.

Alan said...

Hi Mike, likewise all the very best for 2015, last year was a struggle for many people close to me.
May I say you are consistently the best sports pundit out there and I can reinforce that by saying I always watch the C4NFL on a Monday morning and never fast forward the chats between play !
All the best

Pat said...

Happy New Year Mike. Keep up the excellent work.Long time fan.