Friday, 30 January 2015


This month has brought me to the end of a very difficult process. I'm writing this in the chaos of my new temporary home, having been too busy for Irresistible Targets for all of January (except to comment on my obit of the great Robert Stone). Apart from my filling in on Channel 4's NFL highlights programme, the weekly @c4nfl Extra Yard podcast and doing round-ups for Irish radio, I've only been writing about the football this month, but Sunday I will be in the studio presenting the big game with Gnat Coombs and Osi Umeniyora. Sadly, the studio itself will be in Stratford, East London, not in Phoenix, Arizona.

I previewed the Super Bowl on The Extra Yard, and on our own Americarnage podcast (see today's column for nfluk is the only place I've come out and made a pick. It was a difficult choice, and I really would not be surprised to see New England sneak it. Of course if the latter were to happen it would please me considerably...

Here's the link to the column. Enjoy:

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