Wednesday, 6 April 2016


A few loose ends I wonder about, after watching the final episode of The Night Manager.

1. Why does no one except Youssef recognise Jonathan Pine when he goes back to the hotel where he was the night manager? Lots of turnover?
2. How do the 28 truck drivers hired by the arms buyers all know when to leave the trucks just before they blow up? How could they know when Pine would detonate them? Do all of them work with the revolutionaries? Would none of them mention to their actual bosses there are bombs in the trucks?Were they just lucky?
3. How does Pine walk through a swimming pool while drowning Freddie Hadid, then return to the hotel with his trousers not only dry but still pressed?
4. How will the Hadid family react to Freddie's death? Especially as Pine is the one who left the casino with him and thus the last person he was seen with before he died?
5. The big one: To whose account did Pine transfer the $300,000? His own? As a baby shower gift for Angela Burr? To pay for Jed's kid?
6. Is Tom Hiddleston really just a personal trainer'd version of Franchot Tone? More 'Toned' as it were?
7. Why wasn't Pierce Brosnan driving the paddy wagon that takes Roper away?

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