Saturday, 29 May 2010


I'll be on BBC Radio 4's Open Book tomorrow at 1600 BST (Sunday, 30/5) discussing boxing fiction. I've no idea what I'll say, because my contribution was taped a couple of weeks ago, some 45 minutes worth, and will likely be shortened somewhat, given that it's a half-hour programme with a lead item on Bill Bryson, and I'm part of a feature prompted by Thomas Hauser's new novel, Waiting For Carver Boyd, which I will review here later. If you're not in range of BBC Radio, you can listen at the BBC web site's IPlayer...that's 11 am DST for those of you in Montreal, Boston, New York, Miami, Freedom NH, Southport or Easton, CT...Let's hope they left in some of my reading from WC Heinz's The Professional, still the best boxing novel out there (OK, I'll concede Fat City as well).

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